Roofing Company Rebrand

Matt’s Roofing & Gutters, Inc. strives for the perception of being a first-choice premium roofing company, with its emphasis being on quality and long-term value rather than upfront price. Matt’s provides expert and thorough craftsmanship ...


Bottle Packaging

Labels and packaging for home-infused liquors given to family and friends for Christmas


Logo Designs


Logo Open & Titles for IQ (The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers)



A small sample of digital illustration


Coca-Cola – Joe Tripodi FIFA World Cup Presentation

Slides designed for a Board of Directors presentation by Joe Tripodi, CMO of The Coca-Cola Company. Illustrates involvement and marketing strategies relating to the FIFA World Cup 2014.


World of Coca-Cola Animations

Worked with a team to implement World of Coca-Cola’s new visual identity into a motion graphics package. Animations are shown inside the museum and used as transitions in between video sequences. Primary tasks were planning ...


The Spotted Trotter

Booklet showcasing the artisanal craft of charcuterie by Atlanta’s very own Spotted Trotter.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Box Set

A 3-disc box set featuring two audio albums and a video DVD by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, including a limited edition t-shirt. The set’s theme plays off the repetition of 3’s and the triangular symbol ...


Cadillac Jones – Blackbyrd’s Theme

Taking cues from the quintessential action films of the 70’s, this animated short features the femme fatale as its star. Created as a teaser for the album “The Big Takedown” by Atlanta-based jazz/funk band Cadillac ...